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The beauty of being on the wrong side of the tracks!

Jenny Crwys-Williams interviewed me on 702 to find out about a racing festival we were launching at Turffontein and said ‘when was the last time anyone went to Turffontein’ READ MORE

The only option is to go big!

Never believe anyone who says size doesn’t matter!

Living in South Africa post-apartheid is not for the faint hearted. I believe that you either get stuck in and do what you can or you get out. Sticking around and moaning isn’t going to help. READ MORE

Do whatever it takes!

No one said it would be easy!

Simon Sinek has lead me to believe that innovation is neither efficient nor cost effective. It’s true. Innovation takes up lots of time. It uses up all your energy and costs lots of money. People use the Wright brothersREAD MORE

Fighting for what we love!

Fighting for what we love means fighting against the deathly company year-end!

Equinity 2017 takes place in Gauteng in November which is prime time for companies to do their end of year functions and is the perfect opportunity for us to crusade against the traditional year-end.READ MORE