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Fighting for what we love!

Fighting for what we love!

Fighting for what we love means fighting against the deathly company year-end!

Equinity 2017 takes place in Gauteng in November which is prime time for companies to do their end of year functions and is the perfect opportunity for us to crusade against the traditional year-end.

Make no mistake, we’ve done a fair few of these for our clients. They are a great money-spinner for many agencies and they are often the only highlight for office bound worker bees. But they can be horrendous! Different people like different things and pleasing everyone is impossible. Our solution is to fight against what makes them so bad; can the speeches – nobody cares and nobody is listening anyway. Scrap the awards – if you really want to award your people do it at a time and place meant for this, not the year-end. Don’t make people do things they don’t want to do – give them a choice, they are adults after all.

We love creating a massive world of escape and discovery and then letting people loose – some people want to punt on the horses, others want to dress up or try different foods. We design the space specifically to let people move around so no one is stuck next to the bore from IT or Accounts.

We create opportunities for people to connect – not through some shit team building but by designing areas that allow people to connect and meet naturally. Above all, we love to surprise people. And to inspire them. And to allow them to feel alive through the design, the production, and the performances. We take people on an emotional journey through music and lighting that allows them to enjoy another world and a way of looking at their world from a different perspective.

And through all this creative energy we still focus on quality. We all want to feel special and treated with respect and so all the creativity and design and beautiful chaos is carefully coordinated with an unmatched attention to detail.