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This is a tale flavoured by Latino, South American and Spanish influences, of a secret society who called themselves La Calavera “The Elegant Skull’.
Unshackled and determined to live without restraint; the society committed themselves to a life of instant gratification above all else.
La Calavera is the story of their experiences as the society embraces all life has to offer, travelling through faraway lands and exploring with abandon any sensory pleasure on offer.
With untold wealth, they live for pleasure and desire. They dream, play and live a life unmatched, determined to elevate themselves above their mortal worlds, only to find themselves slowly ravaged by the effects of their hedonism and careless living.
Ultimately redemption comes, as they are forced to confront the pain and melancholy of the real world. Through the awareness of the afterlife, the powers of the elegant skull symbolizes their mortal connection to the very world they sought to escape.
A story of joy, loss, pleasure and pain, and a grand finale celebrating life itself.

Experience a world of fantasy and excitement built around explosive horseracing culminating in an off-the-wall show and party. Fill in our contact form or follow us on social media to be the first to hear about our next event.


The grand and historic Turffontein Racecourse.

From Afternoon to Evening

No under 18’s