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Politically Incorrect!

Politically Incorrect!

Offending with the best of intentions.

When we launched Meoquanee,  we were almost immediately attacked via social media (where else) of being insensitive, politically incorrect and offensive. It was only our second Equinity production and our young team weren’t expecting to be attacked when we proudly introduced our new baby to the world.

Another reason our young team were taken aback was due to the fact that we had purposely referenced various indigenous groups in the Americas in the hope that we might give them some exposure at a time when many of them are literally being wiped out. Our approach to creative inspiration is to get it from anywhere we can and to always mix things up as much as possible. For Meoquanee we combined a host of ideas and inspirations from a plethora of groups from across North and South America and then made up our own fictional group around which we built the Meoquanee story. Anyone who follows what we do will know that we are loathe to do anything that we haven’t made up ourselves. We strive to present original concepts and to create fantasy worlds which don’t exist in the real world.

We take pride in pushing boundaries. Trying new things. Being bold and taking risks. However, we also like championing the underdog, embracing the weirdos and outsiders who make the world interesting. As the world has started a swing towards the right we have purposefully designed our shows to tackle conservative, hateful, and non-inclusive points of view. We believe the global village is best served through love, tolerance, and the acceptance of others. And if we can use what we do to highlight cultures that are being decimated then we will.

We are only too aware that not everyone will love what we do – and that’s fine by us. We know naked bodies, racing, crazy art, performance, design, loud music, and an eclectic gathering of people – despite the attention to detail and elegance of the whole experience, will scare some people. Equinity is not for everyone. While we see inspiration everywhere others may see us as insensitive. Or politically incorrect. For us, that’s forgivable. Being dull is not.