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Equinity = Horse

Equinity = Horse

Putting the horse back into horseracing.        

People keep asking us; Equinity is mad and beautiful and brilliant, why don’t you host it outside of racing? Our answer; Equinity is all about the horse and horseracing. And more specifically it is about racing at night. That is the space we love. The blue sea in which we choose to operate.

It’s a world that no one else wanted and one that appeals to everything that inspires us. The huge old stadiums filled with character and energy are transformed under the lights and are the perfect backdrop for the spectacles that we create.

Our goal has always been to create events around live horseracing that entertain and excite, and which highlight the sport itself. These are 3 of the most frequently asked queries we get about the horses and Equinity.

Q. How is Equinity different to other large-scale horseracing events?

For us, the key element of racing is the horse. Many large race days and horse events often view the horse side of things as a small distraction from whatever party or social element is planned for after the sport is complete. Our mission has been to change this – the horses must be the focus of the experience. Many people at horse events don’t see a horse in the flesh as they are a few marquees away from the action. We have changed this at our events, including Equinity, by highlighting the horses and by making them the core of each event. All the entertainment and performance elements that are included at Equinity are planned around the horses and the racing and are designed to highlight the brilliance of the thoroughbreds. The themed production and entertainment are designed and implemented in a way that does not impact the racing/horses. Rather these elements are used to focus the audience’s attention on the horses and the racing.

Q. Equinity has microphones on the track and uses drones and other technology. How does this affect the horses?

Because horseracing is followed by many punters and is highly regulated for the safety and protection of the professionals and animals participating in the sport, nothing is allowed to interfere with any horse at any time – the drones are high above the action and can only be behind the race and never in front, for example. The microphones are used to pick up the sounds of the horses not to send sound to the horses. Race horses are actually very highly strung and while they don’t notice the crowds and the noise while they are running flat out they certainly do when they are not racing so we work within the strict parameters set out by the racing officials at all tracks and we respect the safety of the magnificent athletes and their riders . (We haven’t allowed a balloon on site for the last 5 years!)

Q. What is Reality Racing? It is mentioned whenever Equinity is advertised, what exactly is it?

Equinity is designed to amplify the thrill and fun of horseracing. We felt that many racing events ignored the racing and often viewed racing as an insignificant sideshow to the fashion and party elements. We have always wanted to be as close as possible to the racing action. Reality Racing is how we bring every part of the race alive using all the latest technology available. Because the horses run so fast, they fly past spectators at high speed, and so they get to see the horses for only a brief period. Using cameras, drones and microphones across the track we can now bring the entire race in front of spectators and when combined with the energy and power of seeing the horses live the experience is electrifying. It’s the same as action sports like cricket (stump camera’s) or rugby (aerial camera’s), cycling (seat post camera’s) where we bring the close up action to the spectators on big screens, who would normally miss it even if they are sitting at the side of the field.