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Doing More. Much More!

Doing More. Much More!

A little rejection can be a big motivation.

‘Do more for less’ is corporate speak for those who don’t have a vision or plan for growth and prosperity. We believe in more with more for more. We want bigger budgets for our growing projects.

We create wealth. We grow. We have massive plans and we have been clear about our goals of employing thousands of people and giving these people dignity and hope.

More for less is shit because, almost always, the people saying it aren’t themselves taking less. They want their staff and suppliers to make less money. But they aren’t offering up anything of their own. It’s hypocritical and people see right through it. Most people aren’t idiots.

The big growing companies we work with usually have big dreams and a clearly defined vision of where they are going and where they want to be. Of course, they have budgets and limitations but these are defined up front and they work within these. Any time we have been pulled in and told we need to do more with less has usually been because there is no clear plan and cutting costs is suddenly the default option. This motivated us to focus on building our business. Some of our clients liked us small. They liked being able to control us and being dependant on them. They had no wish for us to grow. To make real money. We had to do this ourselves.

Our philosophy is built around growth and wealth, not just for ourselves, but also our suppliers and partners. We want to be the company that pays our suppliers the most – not that we won’t fight for our margins, but rather through growth of the business as a whole.

We are the fastest growing racing events company in SA and we are on track to become the fastest growing racing events business globally. We want to do more. With more. But most importantly, for more. We will keep employing more artists, performers, designers, set builders, and all sorts of AV experts. We will keep on creating epic shows. We will change the world and inspire millions doing what we love.  We are going to do more. Much more!